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Still Magnolia Maximum Hold Hairspray

Do you have hair that refuses to cooperate? However, you haven't found the hairspray that can do the job? Mission Impossible is over! Still Magnolia is the hairspray you’ve been searching for.

Still Magnolia is our Maximum Hold Hairspray that has extra hold, shaping and control. This versatile design tool provides texture, natural shine and long lasting touchable support. It leaves your hair looking natural while adding the strength and volume necessary to make any style last all day long.

How to use: There are two different ways Still Magnolia can help you. 

  • The super hold finish: hold the can 8-10 inches from hair and spray in short bursts.
  • The everlasting volume: hold can 8-10 inches from hair and spray between layers at the base.


10 oz

Price: $20.20