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Southern Swing Movable Hold Hairspray

Are you on a journey to find a hairspray that will allow your hair to move in the wind? You have found your destination with Southern Swing.

This is a hairspray that is a fast drying flexible fixative with exceptional hold. Southern Swing is humidity resistant and easy to brush through, leaving no sticky residue or build up (even after re-spraying). It is great for long hair that needs hold yet also needs free movement.

How to use: There are two different ways in which Southern Swing can help you:

  • To use Southern Swing as a finishing spray...hold the product 8-12 inches from hair and spray.
  • To use Southern Swing as a Volumizer...hold the product 8-12 inches from hair and spray in quick bursts while blow drying.


10 oz

Price: $19.60