Our New Southern Silk Keratin Smoothing Regiment!

Our New Southern Silk Keratin Smoothing Regiment!

Posted by Rebecca Products on Mar 20th 2019

Southern Silk Keratin Smoothing Regiment

This regiment is our Southern Silk Shampoo, Southern Silk Conditioner, Southern Silk Serum, & Southern Silk Masque

This Southern Silk Keratin Smoothing Regiment repairs, smooths & seals the cuticle for a silky, healthy look!

All of these products can be purchased on our website for healthier happier hair!

Here are some steps on how to effectively use this Regiment in your own home.

Silk Blow Dry

1.Shampoo Hair with warm water twice with Southern Silk Shampoo. Rinse well.

  • 2.Condition Hair in sections and root area. Comb thru roots to ends. (Use Southern Silk Conditioner or Southern Silk Masque)
  • 3.Place under hot dryer with plastic cap for 5-7 minutes. Until hair is hot.
  • 4.Rinse masque out of hair.
  • 5.Section Hair in 4-5 partings and apply Southern Silk Serum to each section. Part and apply to roots to ends. Comb thru to ends.
  • 6.Section Hair back into 4-5 partings. Twist Hair to keep straight after Serum is applied
  • .
  • 7.Blow dry with brush starting from nape to crown. Blow dry down and straight. Keep hair in part that is desired. Use thin partings.
  • 8.Section hair in 4-5 sections. Keep hair straight.
  • 9.Flat Iron from nape to crown. Tap root 3 times and slide to ends. Comb with rat tail comb with flat iron behind on each section.
  • 10.Use As You Wish Hairspray in each parting and to finish style. This is for humidity resistance and to keep hair straight.
  • 11.Wrap hair. Use duck bill clips to secure. Plastic cap. Remove clips after plastic cap is placed.
  • 12.Place under Hot dryer for 5-7 minutes. Until Hot.
  • 13.Brush out and style.

***Silk Blow dry can be done weekly. We include a moisture/protein treatment with each silk blow dry. If intense moisture/protein treatment is needed. Southern Silk Mask can be used for additional price. Elemune Glaze can be used to add shine, repair, and to add color.